Soul in Bondage by Elihu Vedder

Now a day begins,
And it ends with a dream.
All in-between,
Cycles from Summer, to Autumn,
to Winter, to Spring.
Each moment battling the other,
To be worth it of a line;
One dedicated to you,
One crafted in such a way,
That in a million years it will still be true.

Sweet divine melodies,
Spring from angel harps.
A gentle shower of stars,
Precedes the main act.
You hide in the dark,
Yet slowly like a chrysanthemum,
You cast your light.
What words can I use,
That have not been used?!
To describe you my nabrizent muse.

You are my smile,
My fountain of eternal youth.
The stage is cold and silent,
But you don’t need to make a move.
For you are dancing in wild fire,
Flying, jumping, dispersing like steam.
I was never blind,
Because I could see you.
Not like the rest of the world,
The true way you were meant to.

From my book Morpheus




Author of Thrice Fallen:

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Klajdi Ballanca

Klajdi Ballanca

Author of Thrice Fallen:

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